If you like wasting your time on PDF invoices and endless email threads, you can stop reading.

We think invoicing should be as simple as sending WhatsApp messages. Designed and built by business owners and accountants.

TIM = The Invoice Messenger

We are building a collaboration platform for businesses, accountants and suppliers to sort out the mess. Together.

A single source of truth

TIM is synchronized in real-time at all times with your accounting software. No duplicates. Ever.

Next-level communication

Keep track of all the communications with all the relevant people. Your suppliers or team members do not have to be on TIM. TIM will send them emails and SMS that they simply just reply to.

Work with your existing stack

You can keep using your existing tools (ReceiptBank, HubDoc,...) to scan invoices and receipts to your accounting softwares. Once it on there, it is on TIM too.

Stop wasting your time

Make invoice management easier for yourself and your people.

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